WTF Indicator

There are hundreds of indicators used by traders to help make better trading decisions. Most traders use a combination of complex indicators and rules which will hopefully produce a consistent and accurate indication of a trend, entry or exit from a market.  

The WTF Indicators have been developed to achieve this goal... with one huge difference.


Each indicator is precision tuned for a specific Ticker to produce the published returns, often hundreds even thousands of percent since the start of 2020.

Packed with complex algorithms to detect market trends, volume and price movement and provide buy and sell signals, each indicator includes a strategy tester so that you can view every transaction since the start of 2020 to 100% validate the Net Profit results published on our home page.

Each Indicator is also configured will full 0.1% fees. Yes, unlike other Indicator providers, the Indicators and Net Profit results published on this site do include exchange entry and exit fees.

We are certain that you will be impressed with our WTF Indicators and hope you will try them for yourself with our free trial.

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