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The 'Market Chart' is a unique, powerful trading indicator designed for those who aim to trade in line with broad market trends. Instead of focusing on a single pair, it consolidates information from 40 top trading pairs, offering a comprehensive view of the market movements.


This indicator ingeniously translates complex data into a familiar candlestick chart format, allowing traders to easily visualize and understand the collective trends of these 40 pairs. Each candlestick represents the averaged percentage change in the open, high, low, and close prices of all these pairs, essentially showcasing the overall market pulse.


One of the standout features of the 'Market Breakout' indicator is its compatibility with traditional technical analysis tools like the MACD and RSI. You can feed the data from 'Market Chart' into these indicators to create a MACD or RSI based on the overall market movement. This functionality can greatly enhance your analytical approach by identifying overbought or oversold conditions not on a single pair, but on the market as a whole.


Enhancing its robustness, the 'Market Chart' now includes the revolutionary 'Live Relative Volume' feature. This dynamic tool offers real-time volume analysis, adjusting continuously as each candle progresses. Unlike traditional relative volume metrics, 'Live Relative Volume' provides predictive insights into volume trends as they develop, offering traders an unprecedented edge in assessing market momentum live, as it unfolds.


In essence, the 'Market Chart' indicator is an indispensable tool for traders aiming for broad market-based strategies. It simplifies your decision-making process by allowing you to spot potential entry and exit points in alignment with the overall market trend and live volume data, reducing the risk of trading against the market momentum.

Market Chart

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