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Why On Earth
Are You Still Trading Bitcoin?

It's only moving around 2% per day!

There are always trading pairs outperforming Bitcoin

The Breakout Screener V2 monitors critical metrics, sorts and scores crypto pairs and stocks so you can trade the pairs with the greatest chance achieving the most profitable result.

Regardless of the timeframe or your trading style, there are always pairs which are out performing Bitcoin.

Breakout Screener V2 Analyses:

• Relative Volume

• Actual % Change

• Average % Change

• Squeeze Strength

• Breakout Strength

• EMA Angle

• 24 Hour Rolling VWAP

By comparing these metrics against all pairs in the group and then sorting and triggering alerts based on pre-defined thresholds, it will be almost impossible to miss a breakout.


Compatible with Tradingview, the worlds leading cross platform trading platform.

Analyse the Most Essential Metrics

Monitor critical metrics such as a Rolling VWAP, Breakout and Squeeze Strength and view the top pairs across the market on any timeframe.

Monitor Hundreds of Trading Pairs

Create an unlimited number of groups which can each monitor 40 pairs. This allows you to monitor hundreds of stocks and crypto pairs.

Set Thresholds Receive Alerts

Alerts will notify you when a pair exceeds your threshold for Relative Volume, Breakout Strength, % Change or any other metric.

Relative Volume
The Institutional Traders Secret Weapon

Mathematically speaking, each trading pair should achieve 100% of its average Daily Volume, each day. This would give it the best chance of achieving 100% of its average daily change in price.

However when a pair receives 300% or 500% of its expected Daily Volume, price will experience an above average change. Alternatively, if a pair receives only 20% of its average daily volume, it will most likely see a small price move.

By using Relative Volume as the accelerator and sorting the market based on this and other critical metrics, we can ride the trend of the pair with the greatest chance of a strong move in price.

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The top 5% of traders don't blindly trade Bitcoin, Apple, Ethereum or Amazon because they are market leaders, they trade the most profitable opportunity and they trade the most profitable pair. SIMPLE!

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